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If you have questions about bulky waste policies, please contact City Hall at (731) 692-3767.

Bulk Waste Pickup

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The City of Dyer provides bulky item pickup to residential utility customers with an active utility / trash account. Note that the following items are prohibited and will not be picked up: paint or paint cans of any kind, tires, construction or remodel debris, oils or other hazardous liquids or chemicals, household trash, or food waste. Additionally, no rental, apartment, or estate cleanouts are allowed. Excessive bulk waste may not be picked up at the discretion of the contractor; this service is designed for the regular disposal of bulky items.

Note: Leaves, brush, and limbs (six feet or shorter), will be picked up separately by the public works department and should not be mixed with bulk waste.

Bulk waste will next be picked up on December 12, 2023. You must request a pickup by noon on Friday, December 8, 2023.

In order to help the contractor accurately plan for pickup, please describe the bulky items for which you are requesting pickup. We may contact you for clarification.

No food waste or household trash. Excessive bulky waste may not be picked up at the contractor's discretion.

Please list every item to be picked up. An inaccurate description may result in a failure to pick up your items.

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Bulk waste will next be collected on Tuesday, December 12. Please do not place items on the roadside before Friday, December 8.