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  • Minutes: (Pending)

Agenda Items

Requests to Address the Board

  • <None>

Anyone wishing to address the board should contact City Hall by noon Friday in order to be placed on the agenda. Members of the public should provide their physical address. Comments to the board are generally limited to 3 minutes.

Mayor’s Report

  • Thank you to Dyer Station Committee and Everyone who Helped with Dyer Station Celebration
  • Thanks and Congratulations to Downtown Committee on Mini-Park Improvements

Department Reports

Committee Reports

Unfinished Business

New Business

  • Approve $1,989.00 for Asphalt Repairs on Main Street (Water Repairs)
  • Adopt Resolution 2024-341 (Participation in the Public Entity Partners Property Conservation Grant Program)
  • Adopt Resolution 2024-342 (Participation in the Public Entity Partners Safety Partners Grant Program)
  • Approve Applying for Tourism Enhancement Grant as Pass-Through for Dyer Industrial Board
  • Approve Applying for TN Placemakers Grant as Pass-Through with Dyer Industrial Board

Regular Items for Approval

  • Minutes of June 24, 2024
  • Payables