Bulk Waste Disposal

Bulk Waste Pickup

Beginning in October 2022, the City of Dyer will pick up bulky items from the side of the road once per month, usually on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

The City of Dyer provides bulky item pickup to residential utility customers with an active utility / trash account. Note that the following items are prohibited and will not be picked up: paint or paint cans of any kind, tires, construction or remodel debris, oils or other hazardous liquids or chemicals, household trash. Additionally, no rental, apartment, or estate cleanouts are allowed.

Note: Leaves, brush, and limbs (six feet or shorter), will be picked up separately by the public works department and should not be mixed with bulk waste.

Items placed for bulky pickup should NOT be on the roadside before the Friday before the bulk pickup. Leaving items on the roadside for several weeks may result in a citation into City Court.

Bulk waste will next be picked up on the second Tuesday of the month. You must request a pickup by noon on the Friday before.

Click Here (Soon) To Request Bulk Pickup
You Must Have an Active Residential Utility Account

The City of Dyer does not pick up bulky items from the roadside other than the above bulk waste pickup process; if the waste is not in a rolling garbage can, it will not be picked up.

Pickup of limbs, brush, and leaves

The City of Dyer does pick up limbs and leaves. Please leave them as close to the roadside as possibel without obstructing traffic. Limbs should be cut to lengths no longer than 6 feet. Please allow up to 10 working days for pickup (usually it’s much quicker).

Contact City Hall with any questions at (731) 692-3767.

Bulk Waste Dropoff Has Been Discontinued
Effective July 3, 2023

Bulky Waste Dropoff

Resident of the City of Dyer who pay waste disposal fees (on the water bill) are invited to drop off bulky items on the 1st and 3rd Saturday each month from 8AM to Noon at dumpsters at the wastewater plant. There are usually staff members on-site to help unload. PLEASE NO DROP-OFFS OUTSIDE DESIGNATED TIMES / DAYS.

The following types of waste are NOT permitted:

  • Chemicals of any kind (including paint, oil, etc)
  • Electronics of any kind (including televisions, microwaves, computers)
  • Household Garbage (food scraps, baby diapers)
  • Any unbagged, loose items such as styrofoam, paper, packing peanuts, etc

Open Top Containers

This is not an exhaustive list, but the following companies can provide open-top containers for execessive bulk waste, whole-house estate and rental cleanouts, and remodel debris:

Some of these contractors provide a variety of different sized containers. Some provide direct pickup of your bulk waste.