Dyer Fire Department
368 North Main St.
Dyer, TN 38330

Phone: (731) 692-3767
Dispatch: (731) 692-3714
Emergency: 911


Brandon Rudd

Fire Chief

Dyer Fire Department


The City of Dyer Fire Department was established in 1911 and currently serves a 2.9 square mile area inside the city limits and within a 5 mile radius outside the city limits. The department has a Class 3 ISO rating and is composed of 28 certified volunteer firefighters utilizing 3 Class A pumpers, 1 light rescue truck, 1 service company and 1 tanker. The department provides non transport Basic Life Support Emergency Medical Services within its response area. The department responds to over 250 calls annually.


Rural Fire Protection

The City of Dyer provides fire protection to parcels within 5 miles of Dyer as part of the Rural Fire Subscription Service. Without this subscription, depending on your location, may mean that you will be waiting an extended time for another department to respond, should you have a fire.

City of Dyer Rural Fire Protection ensures the customer/homeowner that the Dyer Fire Department will be dispatched to their residence in the unfortunate event that a fire were to occur. If you were to have a house fire, grass fire, etc., the nearest Volunteer Fire Department would be dispatched.

For Example:

  • For residents South and East of Dyer, the responding Volunteer Fire Department would possibly be the Good Luck Volunteer Fire Department.
  • For residents North and West of Dyer, the responding Volunteer Fire Department would possibly be the Tyson Store Volunteer Fire Department.
  • For residents West of Dyer, the Spring Hill Volunteer Department would possibly be dispatched.

The only way to ensure that the Dyer Fire Department will be dispatched to any of these areas outside of the city limits of Dyer is for the resident to be covered by Rural Fire Protection. The Dyer Fire Department is more centrally located than the other fire departments. The Dyer Fire Department can generally have quicker response times to most of these fire calls.

The cost of a Rural Fire Subscription is $100 per year. For more information or to verify your eligibility for this important protection, contact City Hall online or call (731) 692-3767.

Original Fire Truck – 1946

The City of Dyer still owns its first new fire-truck — a 1946 Oren Pumper. Dedicated members of the department and interested community members are working on restoring the truck to it’s former glory for use in community events and awareness campaigns. Your donation is greatly appreciated!

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1946 Oren Fire Truck