Dyer Public Works
293 East Front St.
Dyer, TN 38330

(731) 692-2476 – Phone
(731) 692-3767 – City Hall

Public Works

The Public Works Department performs almost all the regular maintenance required throughout the city, including:

    • Road Maintenance
    • Water & Sewer Main Repair
    • Park Maintenance
    • Building Repair & Maintenance

  • Ditch Maintenance
  • Limb & Brush Pickup

Dale Carroll

Dale Carroll

Street Dept Supervisor

Dyer Wastewater Plant

Water & Sewer Departments

The City of Dyer provides water and sewer services to more than 1,100 customers inside the city and in surrounding areas. For more information on water & sewer rates, click here.

Wastewater Processing

The Dyer Wastewater Plant processes an average of 350,000 gallons of wastewater each day; the plant is designed to handle approximately 675,000 gallons. Peak flow occurs during heavy rain events when the flow may be as high as 1,600,000 gallons a day. Through efforts to reduce inflow and infiltration of rainwater, the City has continually reduced peak flow, thereby saving ratepayer dollars and wear on the system.

The Dyer Wastewater Plant is an extended oxidation plant. Wastewater is admitted through the influent pumps, is then screened for large debris, and is processed in the oxidation ditch, before transferring to the clarifiers and into the contact chamber for disinfection and dechlorination. The treated water is then released into a local stream. Daily testing insures that no harmful pathogens are released.

Recovered solids from the Dyer Wastewater Plant are used by local ag producers. Previously these bio-solids were simply sent a landfill. The new bio-solids program has saved ratepayers more than $40,000 per year in disposal fees. Dyer is recognized as a pioneer in West Tennessee in Class B bio-solid generation.

Water Processing & Drinking Water

The CIty of Dyer is provided water through 3 wells. The Water Treatment plant treats on average 250,000 gallons per day. Water is stored in one of 4 water tanks spread around the city. The city’s high service pumps can fill tanks at the rate of 450 gallons per minute. The total storage capacity of the city is 1,450,000 gallons of water. In addition to drinking water, the city provides water for fire protection as well as water for industrial and other uses.

Water is pumped through the aerator (to begin iron removal, carbon dioxide, and other simple elements) before entering one of three settling tanks where particulates and solids are settled out. After the settling tank, the water flows onto a sand gravity filter to remove any other particulates. From there, the water goes into the clear well before being pumped via high service pump into the system and the storage tanks. In addition to filtration and settlement, sodium hydroxide (for disinfection and to raise the water’s pH) and fluoride (for good dental health) are added.

Water in Dyer is pumped from the Cockfield Sand Aquifer and is naturally flavorful and requires very little treatment.

Water is tested daily to guarantee water quality. The State of Tennessee mandates strict testing requirements for pollutants and harmful chemicals. The City publishes an annual Consumer Confidence Report about the quality of the water in our area. Dyer has won numerous awards for both the taste and quality of its water.

Randy Gregory

Randy Gregory

Water & Wastewater Superintendent