Agenda Items

Requests to Address the Board

  • <None>

Anyone wishing to address the board should contact City Hall by noon Friday in order to be placed on the agenda. Members of the public should provide their physical address. Comments to the board are generally limited to 3 minutes.

Mayor’s Report

  • Fire Department Resignations
  • Update on Fire Hydrants – Valve Insertion
  • Update on North Main Sewer Project

Department Reports

Committee Reports

Unfinished Business

New Business

  • Approve Participating Addendum to NASPO Master Agreement #00318 for Purchase of EF Johnson Equipment (Kenwood) for 2021 AFG Grant
  • Approve up to $11,367.04 to Area Wide Communications for EF Johnson Kairos DMR VHF Base Station / Repeater & Installation Under NASPO Master Agreement #00318 (2021 AFG Grant)
  • Approve up to $7,180.00 to Higdon Electric for Installation of VFD on Well #7
  • Approve up to $6,188.00 to Turtle Fountains (Galloway, TN) for Pond Fountain & Bonus Lighting
  • Approve PO A-6388 to Hawkin’s Inc for $1,550.55 for Wastewater Chemicals
  • Adopt Resolution 2024-339 (Tennessee Downtown Program)

Regular Items for Approval

  • Minutes of February 12, 2024
  • Payables