Agenda Items

Requests to Address the Board

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Anyone wishing to address the board should contact City Hall by noon Friday in order to be placed on the agenda. Members of the public should provide their physical address. Comments to the board are generally limited to 3 minutes.

Mayor’s Report

Department Reports

  • Water & Wastewater
    • Tracy Cole – Certified Grade III Wastewater – Compensation Adjustment to Operating Assistant 1B

Committee Reports

Unfinished Business

New Business

  • Approve $4,736.13 to Davidson’s Grant Writing for Grant Writing Fee (2022 AFG Grant) – 5% of Total
  • Approve $10,778.00 to MES For Qty 2 Super Vacuum Fans (AFG Grant – Sourcewell RFP #040220)
  • Approve PO A-6140 to Zoll Medical Corporation for $23,257.90 for AutoPulse NXT and Batteries (AFG Grant – Sole Source Purchase)
  • Approve PO A-6141 to Zoll Medical Corporation for $6,536.00 for AEDs (AFG Grant)
  • Approve $5,036.52 to MES for Qty 3 Gas Monitors (AFG Grant – Sourcewell RFP #040220)
  • Approve $5,300.00 to MES for Qty 2 Thermal Imaging Camera (AFG Grant – Sourcewell RFP #040220)
  • Approve $12,540 to MES for Qty 12 Large Diameter Hose Segment (AFG Grant – Sourcewell RFP #040220)
  • Approve $3,518 to MES for Qty 2 Battery Powered Saw (AFG Grant – Sourcewell RFP #040220)
  • Approve up to $3,000.00 to Purchase Paint and Supplies for the Outside of the Eagle Community Center
  • Approve PO A-6166 to Hawkins, Inc. for $1,627.38 for Water Chemicals
  • Declare Surplus and Approve Sale of Fire Department Items – Pagers (Qty 23 Pagers, Qty 7 Chargers)
  • Declare Surplus and Approve Donation of Fire Department Items – Protective Clothing & TIC (Qty 12 Face Masks, Qty 7 Helmets, Qty 6 PPE Coats, Qty 8 PPE Pants, Qty 1 TIC)

Regular Items for Approval

  • Minutes of June 26, 2023
  • Payables