**UPDATE 1:00PM – 11/26/20**

BOIL WATER NOTICED CANCELED — After completing confirmatory testing, the Precautionary Boil Water Notice issued by the City of Dyer to customers on November 24 has been lifted.

The Precautionary Boil Water Notice was issued, following best practices for public water systems, and on the advice of the State of Tennessee after a low pressure event on November 23. The low pressure event resulted from emergency repairs to a water main break in downtown Dyer. The water produced by the City of Dyer consistently exceeds state benchmarks for quality and purity, and has regularly won awards for “Best Tasting Water” on the regional and state level.

Dyer Mayor Chris Younger said, “We appreciate everyone’s patience during this time. While we had no serious concerns about the purity or quality of our water, after talking with the State, we thought it best to issue the notice in an abundance of caution. I’m happy to report that after extensive testing, our water is just as safe, clean and pure as we thought, and we can lift the precautionary boil water notice. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, especially over the holiday. I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.”

Original Notice

Due to a loss of pressure across the system on November 23, 2020, the City of Dyer, on advice of the State of Tennessee, is issuing a Precautionary Boil Water Notice for customers until further notice.

There is no indication that any contamination has occurred, but out of an abundance of caution, customers are asked to boil water before consumption.

Until further notice, Dyer Water Customers are advised to boil water prior to drinking it or using it for food preparation. As a precaution, customers should take the following additional steps:

  1. Prior to boiling, the water should be strained through a clean cloth to remove any sediment or floating material.
  2. The water should be heated to a vigorous, rolling boil and the rolling boil should be for a one-minute duration to insure disinfection.

An update will be posted when the Precautionary Boil Water Notice is lifted.

Customers with questions can contact City Hall at (731) 692-3767.

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), Division of Water Resources in the Jackson Environmental Field Office have been notified of this event.